End of analogue TV in the East Midlands

All analogue TV channels in much of the East Midlands were switched off for good last week, signalling the dawn of an all-digital era for 815,000 households.

Analogue BBC One, ITV1, Channel 4 and Channel 5 were turned off permanently last night at the Waltham transmitter group, enabling extra channels to be broadcast from 15 local relay transmitters serving thousands of homes.

The changes also affect existing Freeview viewers who may find some of their channels missing. The services have moved to new frequencies and can be restored by retuning Freeview TVs and boxes.

Viewers in some areas may also find their digital TVs or boxes load more than one regional service. Advice on prioritising the preferred regional service is available from Digital UK.

Megan Lewis, Digital UK Assistant Regional Manager for Central, said: “This is an historic day for TV in the East Midlands region as we say goodbye to the old analogue system forever. Viewers have responded extremely well and many are enjoying the benefits of digital TV for the first time.

“As with any change on this scale, some people may need a bit of extra help so we and the Help Scheme are on hand to give advice and assistance to those who may need it.”

Digital UK is providing support through local advice points, its website (digitaluk.co.uk) and an advice line (08456 50 50 50).