EXCLUSIVE: Hulk Hogan talks WWE and Expendables 4

Wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan has broken silence on future plans ahead of his UK visit and revealed he wants one last match back at WWE.
Hulk hogan gave us an exclusive interviewHulk hogan gave us an exclusive interview
Hulk hogan gave us an exclusive interview

He also wants to make a big screen comeback as the bad guy in pal Sylvester Stallone's next Expendables movie.

The world's most famous, colourful and larger than life wrestler - who will meet fans at Sheffield Arena on November 14 - parted company this summer with World Wrestling Entertainment.

The 62-year-old at the time publicly apologised after media scrutiny of scandalous remarks he made in an unauthorised 2007 sex tape which was leaked online.

In our exclusive chat the subject was off limits, due to a pending lawsuit, but he revealed he wants to end his career back with Vince McMahon's WWE - the biggest name in wrestling.

The living legend has the backing of legions of loyal fans, his so called 'Hulkamaniacs', on social network sites. But he says he would have to be careful to avoid more injuries. He's already suffered hip and knee replacements.

Hogan, real name Terry Bollea, speaking from his home in Clearwater, Florida - hear the interview online at www.thestar.co.uk - told us: "There's a lot of wrestling opportunities out there. WWE would be a great place to end my career."

He added: "Everything would have to be very calculated.

"I'd want to go out there one last time to have fun. It would have to be something I'd really have to have a handle on, because I can't afford any more downtime or surgery."

His Sheffield appearance will feature a question and answer session, signings and photos.

Hogan won't be wrestling this time but he told fans to expect his traditional and spectacular entrance - wearing his trademark yellow and red bandana, feathered boa and glasses. The horseshoe moustached showman, with still incredible bulging biceps, might even rip off his shirt to send Hulkamaniacs wild.

The wrestling legend is coming to Sheffield Motorpoint Arena next monthThe wrestling legend is coming to Sheffield Motorpoint Arena next month
The wrestling legend is coming to Sheffield Motorpoint Arena next month

"Oh brother come on! Of course, I'm Hulk Hogan man. I sleep with that stuff on. Of course I'm going to be wearing it," he said.

"The look came about in stages.

"The shirt ripping started when I was trying to think of a gimmick. I was in the gym working out and I had a shirt on that had been washed a bunch of times but it still stunk and I just ripped it off. I didn't want that smell on my body. Somebody in the gym said, 'hey you should do that in the ring'. So that kind of started that way.

"The moustache I've had ever since I got out of high school. My girlfriend said she loved guys who had a moustache. So once I grew that moustache it never came off.

Hogan wants one more WWE showdownHogan wants one more WWE showdown
Hogan wants one more WWE showdown

"The bandana came about when I started losing all my hair, when I won the belt from the Iron Sheik. I was pretty much done with the hair, it was going at rapid pace. I tried a headband first. My hair kept going further, so I put the bandana on and it just kind of became my look.

"I had seen several wrestlers put the boas on and it kind of gives you an arrogance of evil. So when I turned into Hollywood Hogan, making movies, the boas just fitted right in with that character. So it was the sum of all the parts and it took a while to put it all together."

Does he go out on a normal evening wearing all that or is the disguise to take it off?

Hogan laughed out loud and added: "Even if I take it off people know who I am. I've taken the moustache off. I've worn wigs for different movies, with black hair and people still say, 'that's Hulk Hogan'. It's hard to hide."

The 12-times world champion says The Rock is the best he's ever grappled but 'Macho Man' Randy Savage was up there with the best. He said his most memorable match was beating Andre The Giant to retain his championship belt at Wrestlemania III.

He said: "The best I've ever grappled was the Rock. This guy had the talent. He had everything. If things went wrong in the ring he knew how to fix things on the spot. Not just an instinct. He had a really good feel for this business. So The Rock, without a doubt was easily the best.

The legend now runs his own beach bar in FloridaThe legend now runs his own beach bar in Florida
The legend now runs his own beach bar in Florida

"The toughest I ever had to wrestle and the most memorable match ever was Andre the Giant, at Wrestlemania III.

"I have to talk about the 'Macho Man' Randy Savage. I cannot talk about wrestling without him. He was my main stay. He was the guy I used to love to wrestle any time I could because you always knew you were going to get the 'Macho Man'. That was very important to have someone come at you wide open.

I had a lot of good ones. You can't forget Piper really, we had some epic battles."

The 6ft 7ins and 302lbs giant praised new wife Jennifer's amazing culinary skills for helping him stay in great shape,

"It's a lifestyle. Jennifer has me eating organic food. It's very hard to even eat in a five star restaurant now because her food is so good that she cooks. She has an unbelievable talent. Not only for cooking good food but for the taste, herbs and all the organic stuff. You know, it's lifestyle.

"And at my age, at 62 years young, you have to be very consistent with your training - if your elbows hurt, your knees and different injuries, like back surgeries and knee replacements and hip replacements, you have to have enough where with all to train through that.

" It would be real easy to go I'm 62 years old - forget working out. But I don't want to b that person So it's a lifestyle."

His movies include 1980s comedies Mr Nanny and Suburban Commando. He also starred opposite pal Sylvester Stallone in Rocky III and revealed he would love to team up with him again, to play the baddie in an Expendables movie.

"I haven't talked to him. But there's a bunch of people who have thrown my name around and done stuff. I'd love to read the script. I don't know how many more Expendables they're going to make, so I'd love to be in the next one.

"I'd love to be the bad guy again in a Stallone movie. It would be a lot of fun."

For now he's busy helping to run his own Hogan's Beach Bar and Shop near his home in Clearwater, Florida.

But he can't wait to be back in the Arena spotlight. He said: "The Hulkamaniacs are in full force. Sheffield Arena is going to be awesome. It's going to be a great time to meet all the UK fans, get some autographs and pictures done. Then we're going to have a Q&A where I can get into it with my maniacs and talk about the business, my personal life and anything they want to know.

"I look so forward to coming. I was there a few months ago, doing some publicity and then things went awry. But now I get a chance to come back and see all my friends. I'm very excited.

"On a personal level people ask me a lot of stuff. When I answer them they are pretty surprised, you know, that things are the way they are. It's just a lot of fun. Expect the unexpected.

"And the more excited the crowd is, during the questions and answers, the better it goes and the longer it goes. I'm supposed to do a certain amount of time and we get carried away and go twice as long, sometimes. It can be a lot of fun."

Ask him how he rates himself as a wrestling all time great and you know he's not going to tap out with anything less than a Ali style reply. After all, many would agree, he is the greatest wrestler ever.

He laughs: "Oh brother, stop. Stop. I can't talk about myself. The fans know I'm the greatest of all time, brother. UK fans know about the 12 times world champion. They know about everything brother. They know what's changed this business, over and over and over again, man. And they also love Hollywood Hogan.

"At the end of the day my name has been around so long that it's cool that all these generations, you know - the grandfathers, the fathers and sons, you know everyone knows Hulk Hogan. I'm still having a great time. I'm still in great shape. They know brother. They've been with me on this whole ride. They know what I've won, they know when I've lost. They know when I've stumbled, when I've got back up. They know everything about me brother, so you just need to let them know what time and where I'm going to be at. And it's going to be a lot of fun."

* Tickets for the Simply Prestige and Rocco Buonvino promoted event, An Evening With Hulk Hogan, moderated by The Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart, at Sheffield Arena, on November 14, are from £36.75. Fans can upgrade, for a photo with Hogan, for an extra £110. A limited number of £235 VIP tickets include a seat in the first four rows, one autograph and a photo with Hogan.

Fans attending the evening event can also buy a £66 Prestige Super Ticket to attend a fan fest, from 12-5pm, which includes one photograph and one autograph with other wrestlers, subject to change - Lanny Poffo, Jimmy Hart, Outback Jack, Bushwacker Luke, Tugboat, plus one photograph with Dynamite Kid, who will not be signing autographs due to health issues.

The fan fest does not include a meet and greet with Hulk Hogan. Customer must bring their own camera for these photos.