Family shocked by road safety tree pruning

A Sutton householder has slammed the county council for removing an 18-foot high section of trees which shielded his home from traffic noise on the A38.

The first Dave and Carron Scott, both aged 48, knew about the work was the sound of the trees being cut down by Nottinghamshire County Council workers.

Now Dave, a manufacturing technician, and his family have been left with their home exposed to the gaze of queuing motorists near the A38’s very busy junction with Station Road.

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“The difference in noise levels is now quite noticeable. But it is also the visual perspective, because I can now make eye contact with lorry drivers going past.

“The trees were planted by Ashfield District Council as a sound barrier.

“Why waste the money spent planting them only to rip them out? Now I have a £500 bill for a new fence.

“I was told by the council trimming back the trees was part of a road safety scheme to give drivers a clearer view, which is extraordinary because the road is completely straight in that section.”

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