Feeding help for tongue-tied babies at King’s Mill

The trust that runs King’s Mill Hospital is offering additional help to newborn babies who struggle to feed because they are tongue-tied.
Kings Mill Hospital.Kings Mill Hospital.
Kings Mill Hospital.

Tongue tie (or ankyloglossia) is a condition where the piece of membrane under the baby’s tongue is short, and can stop the tongue from moving properly.

It can result in some babies having difficulty with feeding, as the baby cannot take enough of the breast or bottle into its mouth.

Sherwood Forest Hospitals Trust is providing treatment to babies who struggle to feed due to the condition by carefully cutting the tiny membrane under the tongue.

It is a quick procedure, with no waiting list, and babies can be fed straight afterwards.

Jo Lincoln, infant feeding co-ordinator at the Trust, said: “I advise any new mums who are having these problems and think their baby may be tongue tied to speak to their midwife, health visitor or GP for referral.

“Not all babies who have a tongue tie will need surgery to correct it; the decision is based on assessment of tongue function.”

New mum Davina Ibbotson, from Mansfield, gave birth to son Kaiden at King’s Mill Hospital seven weeks ago.

Kaiden was diagnosed with tongue tie when he was only half an hour old.

Davina said: “I had never heard of the condition before but I didn’t worry too much once it was explained to me. Kaiden had the procedure when he was five weeks old and is now feeding much better.”