Former Edwinstowe miner and teacher Jonathan Camm travelled to Thailand where he became a children’s author

Former Edwinstowe miner and teacher Jonathan Camm has travelled around the world to realise his dream to become a published children’s author.

Jonathan, 49, lives with his partner Noona and daughter Nam Tarn in Hua Hin, Thailand - a small coastal town three hours south of Bangkok, where he teaches.

He has just finished his series of childrens’ books called the Countdown Mysteries.

Jonathan who worked as a miner for ten years at Ollerton Colliery, before he became a primary school teacher says his first love has always been writing.

He told Chad: “I loved my time at primary school, and my favourite lesson of all was writing on Fridays.

“It was hard work down in the coalmines, but I had a lot of good times, and met some very interesting characters. However, I soon realized that I wanted a life above ground, and since I loved helping people, I became a primary school teacher.

“I’ve spent almost 20 years teaching, first at home in the UK, and then in China and Thailand. I loved meeting and teaching children from all over the world, and learning about new cultures, but what I loved most was writing. I have written lots of stories and all kinds of other texts to help the children in my classes to learn.”

“I have lots of friends in the Mansfield area and I thought they might like to know what I was doing.”

He has already published the first two books in the Countdown Mysteries.

The three main characters, Roly, Nine and Charlie, have an amazing, high-tech basement clubhouse and, using lots of cool gadgets, they work together to use their combined detective skills to solve mysteries and crimes in their local town of Anchor Bay.

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