Friends and fans back Derbyshire Apprentice star James Hill – after The Sun brands him a “vicious thug”

Friends and fans of Apprentice star James Hill have defended the Chesterfield businessman – after The Sun launched a front-page attack on him.

The national newspaper claims the 26-year-old is a “convicted thug who bit a man’s ear and left another scarred for life”.

On the Derbyshire Times’ Facebook page, Donna Higginbottom said: “Why dig up his history – it’s not needed.”

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David Woodward said: “I remember that guy from school. He was a pretty decent guy from what I remember.”

Simon Paterson said: “I know James. He’s a good lad, not aggressive in the slightest, switched on and has a cracking sense of humour.”

Faye Portas said: “I grew up with James and he’s always been alright with me. Papers aren’t always right.”

Donna Marie Kay said: “It’s a pity The Sun newspaper haven’t got anything more important to report on.”

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And Ashley Orwin said: “How ridiculous – dragging up somebody’s past when they’re trying to better themselves. I’m sure everybody has done something they regret!”

The Sun refers to two court cases in its report today.

According to the newspaper, James’s spokesman said: “He was young and irresponsible. He very much regrets his actions.”