Green Party in Sherwood

A law lecturer who has helped build bridges in strife-torn Belfast is standing as a candidate for the Green Party in Sherwood in the General Election.
Lydia Davies-BrightLydia Davies-Bright
Lydia Davies-Bright

Lydia Davies-Bright will challenge Tory incumbent Mark Spencer, who holds a majority of only 214, as the Greens field their first candidate in the constituency.

The party says it took the decision to stand in Sherwood as a result of growing support and increased membership in the constituency and a desire in the area for there to be real alternative to the parties of austerity.

Lydia said: “People increasingly want an alternative to ‘politics as usual’ and deserve better than five more years of austerity. I am standing for the Green Party as it is the only party that is working for the common good rather than for the privileged few.

“I support strong public services run for the public good – a National Health Service free from the threat of privatisation; a renationalised rail service run as a public service, not for private profit; a strong locally-accountable education system, with an end to forced academisation and with smaller class sizes to give our young people the best opportunities to succeed. I want to see a sustainable energy policy, reducing our dependency on fossil fuels and protecting our environment by saying ‘no’ to fracking.

“I believe in putting people before profit and in a more equal society where health and happiness are valued above corporate greed, unsustainable consumption and environmental destruction.”

Lydia has lived in Nottingham since 2006. She is a part-time lecturer and is reading for a PhD in Law at the University of Nottingham, having previously lived in Belfast where she worked on projects to build inter-community relations following the Good Friday Agreement.

Having joined the Green Party in 2010, she says she is standing in the election to give the people of Sherwood the opportunity to vote for real and positive change.

Lydia has signed up to the Greenpeace Frack Free Promise, the Society of Independent Brewers’ manifesto pledges regarding small, independent pubs and breweries; she supports closing the ‘Mayfair Tax Loophole’ and the amendment to the Finance Bill tabled by Caroline Lucas MP.

She said: “I will be speaking at the next Nottingham Green Party meeting on Tuesday 7th April on human rights and the Tories’ plans to scrap the Human Rights Act.”