Heartless yobs deface mining memorial in Hucknall

Heartless yobs have defaced a memorial in Hucknall that pays tribute to the town's historic mining industry.
Graffiti on Hucknall Mining Memorial, Station RoadGraffiti on Hucknall Mining Memorial, Station Road
Graffiti on Hucknall Mining Memorial, Station Road

This picture shows black graffiti on the statue, on Station Road, near the former ‘Bottom Pit,’ which closed in 1986.

A memorial stone next to the statue has also been defaced. It is thought the graffiti was written earlier this week.

In a letter to the Dispatch, Hucknall resident, Barrie Lewis, of Kenbrook Road, wrote: “I hope the anger I have is shared by any decent member of the Hucknall community because many have got family and friends who are mentioned on them.

“They paid with their lives to put, or keep, Hucknall on the industrial map and to keep lights on and keep us warm through out two wars.

“All we ask that it is given the respect that any consecrated site expects.

“The damage may be seen to be small and we hope it is easy to remove. But think, who ever did the damage, may have a member of your family or a family friend listed on one of the stones so please give them the respect they deserve.”

The Dispatch contacted John Wilmott, Nottinghamshire county councillor for Hucknall, who expressed his “concern” at the incident.

“It is a terrible thing to happen,” he said. “Obviously I can’t condone the situation and I am wondering if whoever did it thought about their actions.

“I am concerned by it but we will not be defeated by it and I will get in touch with the council and make sure it is put back into pristine condition.

“It is a commemoration of all the people in the industry who put their lives at risk for the people of Hucknall.

“I hope they are not proud of themselves.”

The statue was unveiled in June 2005.

The £78,000 statue did not cost Hucknall Council Taxpayers a penny as it was financed largely by Tesco, as a condition made by Ashfield District Council for building its nearby superstore, and by Nottinghamshire County Council.