Jail for Mansfield man who threatened to stab housemate

Mansfield Magistrates CourtMansfield Magistrates Court
Mansfield Magistrates Court
A Mansfield man who armed himself with two knives and threatened to stab his housemate for comments made about his girlfriend has been jailed, a court heard.

Sean Finch was persuaded to hand over a JCB multi-tool knife, with a three inch blade, by a member of staff at the supported accommodation on Dallas Street, at 10pm, on September 19.

He had been threatening another resident at the flats, but then he went to the communal kitchen, picked up a large carving knife, and put it to his throat.

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He was in a public car park when police arrived, and obeyed when officers told him to drop the knife, said prosecutor Neil Hollett.

In police interview he described himself as eight on a one-to-ten scale of drunkeness.

“He said he was suffering from stress after splitting up with his girlfriend”, Mr Hollett added.

Morgan Hogarth, mitigating, said: “If he wanted to he could have done much more than he did. He made no threats to anyone else.

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“He threw the knife to the floor and caused no injury. This is his first offence since he was 18 or 19.”

Probation officer Cheryl Nisbet said Finch has learning difficulties and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

“If someone thinks he has been drinking, he will act up to what people think he is. There is no attempt to harm anyone. It is bravado,” she said.

“He will be moved to another house where he will be subtly monitored by experienced staff.”

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Finch, 23, currently of no fixed abode, admitted possessing the knives and threatening behaviour, when he appeared at Mansfield Magistrates Court, on Friday.

He was sentenced to four months in prison, and was ordered to pay a £115 government surcharge.

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