Kirkby man dragged partner around by her hair

A Kirkby man has been given a 24-month community order after viciously attacking is partner in the street outside her home.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 31st August 2013, 4:23 pm

Mansfield magistrates heard how Daniel Smith was seen dragging his girlfriend around by her hair and kicking her when she refused to get into his car following an argument on 21st April.

The Court was told how Smith (34), of Chartwell Road, had showed up at his partner’s home demanding to see her.

Eileen Stewart, prosecuting, said: “The victim’s mother saw Smith shouting at her daughter who was on the grass rubbing her leg. He looked very angry. He was shouting at a person who was trying to assist.”

Ms Stewart told the court how Smith had punched an onlooker twice in the head and kicked him in the groin when he tried to stop the assault.

“He never retaliated but tried to block the blows,” she added.

“Smith was heard to say ‘are you a bad man? Get back in your house.’

“He said he would not normally intervene but could not stand around and watch what was happening.”

Once she had got her daughter safely indoors the woman called the police.

Louisa Treharne, defending, said: “Before Mr Smith entered his guilty plea he went to his own GP to attend anger management sessions and seek alcohol treatment sessions.

“He has not tried to justify his actions in any way.”

Smith also pleaded guilty to driving without insurance and without a licence.

He was ordered to pay £200 compensation to each of his victims, fined £200 for driving without a licence and ordered to attend an integrated domestic abuse programme.