Kirkby residents told to pick up after their pets

Kirkby residents are calling on irresponsible dog owners to pick up after their pets.

Main routes to schools have become an obstacle course for children and parents doing the school run as dog owners neglect their duties.

Alan Parsons lives on one of the main school routes in Kirkby and has young grandchildren who walk to school on a daily basis.

He said he is fed up of irresponsible dog owners: “I am fed up of ‘could not care less’ dog owners for letting their pets foul the pavements of Kirkby.

“Marlborough Road which leads up to Morven Park and the Primary School is constantly covered in dog mess even though it is a main route to school.”

Mr Parsons is among other residents to have reported the problem to Ashfield District Council but said little has been done to tackle the problem.

He added: “Hopefully somebody will see them and report them as I will. If the council can afford to give its chief executive £100,000 salary for a small council like Ashfield then it can afford to put wardens on the street to catch these inconsiderate owners.”

A spokesperson for the district council said reports of dog fouling had increased in the Marlborough Road area: “The council is aware of various dog fouling hot spots across the district which are visited and cleared frequently by the Waste and Environment team. The council takes the matter of dog fouling seriously and anyone caught allowing their dog to foul will be fined and may face the possibility of prosecution.”