Leisurely drive leads to trouble for Mansfield lads

Four lads from Mansfield and Ashfield have been fined by magistrates after admitting being caught in possession of cannabis.

Mansfield magistrates’ Court was told how two of the pals were out for a drive together when their Seat Ibiza was stopped by Police on a Mansfield street on 3rd March.

Prosecutor Ruth Snodin told the court how Ashley Smith (20), of Charles Street, Sutton, fled the car, leaving driver Jack Green (18), of Tudsbury Terrace, Sutton, who was caught with two grammes of cocaine and one gramme of cannabis.

Police later caught up with Smith and fellow defendants Daniel Roe (24), of Ellesmere Road, Forest Town, and Kristian Prowse (24) of Redgate Close, Mansfield, at a house on the same street.

Smith admitted during interview possessing one gramme of cannabis and £500 which he claimed to have earned fixing bikes and through winnings at a bookmakers.

Prowse was also caught with a gramme of cannabis.

Roe told police when they searched the property that he had a gramme of cannabis hidden in his sock.

Yvonne Wragg, defending Green, Smith and Prowse, said all three had pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity.

Matthew Greene, defending Roe, said he had made no attempt to hide the drug and had not been smoking it in a public place.

All four were made to pay fines and court costs. Green paid £225, Roe paid £180, Smith paid £145 and Prowse paid £145.

A magistrate said the bench had decided to deal with the four friends by way of fine because they had all pleaded guilty and had been subjected to a curfew after their arrests.