LETTER: Be strong and carry on

Wednesdays events in London were shocking but not unexpected.

I lived in London for some ten years in the 1970s and 1980s and the public had to be vigilant then as they are now. I worked in Woburn Place where they had the bus bombings at a later date. There was the IRA and the Cold War with Russia at the time to think about.

Such events as happened on Wednesday on Westminster Bridge and at the entrance to the Parliament Buildings are frightening and tragic.

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Five people dead so far and many injured, including the death of a police officer who died protecting Parliament and the people who visited and worked there. But remember we have the very best security services in the world to keep us safe.

We have been through two world wars and several other conflicts since then.

We have the Mother of Parliaments to serve as an example to the world.

We are the seat of all democracy and no terrorist or other militant organisation will ever take that away from us. Be not afraid.

Report anything you think is suspicious. Keep in touch with each other.

Draw strength from the communities that you live in. Nobody is alone in this situation. Be STRONG.

Brian George

By email