LETTER: Foreign aid doesn't reach those who need it

In a recent letter, Susan Tansley makes the point about our foreign aid and children. Read Susan's letter here.

We all see these images on our screens, its heartbreaking, but there is another side to this coin.

We send billions across the world that is wasted through bad management or the rulers building lavish homes for themselves.

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In my view, this money is not going to the poorest in these countries. 
Take India, it has its own space programme and receives aid.

Pakistan has its own space programme and receives aid.

Nigeria also has its own space programme and receives aid.

Ethiopia, own space programme. Receives aid.

North Korea, we have given millions in aid, and they have rockets galore, and ‘Kim’ does not even like us.

The latest I read was that we will be offering China some of our foreign aid, this to help their elderly.

Aid has been pouring into these countries for years. We should be telling these countries to stop looking to the heavens and start feeding their people, and we should be telling our elected rulers to throw some of the billions into the health service and our pathetic care packages, for the disabled and elderly.

I believe we should first take care of our own, and if there is any money left, then look after the others.

Marrianne Humphries

By email