LETTER: Fracking not the only thing destroying the planet

Why won't people grow up and quit complaining about fracking?

Don’t think I’m siding with fracking companies wanting to drill in our area or any other.

I just don’t see the point in complaining about one thing that ruins the environment when there are dozens of things that humanity does to destroy our planet.

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People are complaining about fracking being wrong yet desiring the fuel it would provide.

They complain about using up oil supplies etc., despite using the stuff in cars, planes, boats and more, which in turn pollutes the atmosphere.

Vast swathes of woodlands being cut down, which in turn destroys the atmosphere because there are fewer plants to filter the air we breath.

Appliances and electronics from fridges to mobile phones designed and built to fail quickly and very difficult to recycle just to keep costs down, which means they end up clogging landfills etc. because they cannot be recycled easily.

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Not to mention the strip mining to get resources for said equipment.

Global overpopulation forcing wildlife and plant life to be consumed quicker than it can replenish with various societies wasting a great deal of food because that is what the corporations desire just to rake in more money.

Then you have militaries around the world wanting ever greater means of turning the earth into a smoking irradiated crater in their desires for power and dominance over their neighbours.

Wars are fought for two reasons alone — to take control of ever dwindling resources, and to force their religious dominance onto others.

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Historians would agree if it wasn’t for political correctness.

There are many means of destroying our world which are currently in use.

Tyranny, capitalism, religion, drugs, sexism, ageism, racism and more.

How long would it take for humanity as a whole to realise their mistakes and actually strive to overcome them? Would it take World War Three and Four to turn half the world into a smoking crater and reducing global population by three quarters to get everyone to notice?

Simon White

By email