LETTER: Red Lion - staff were amazing

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Thank you to the Red Lion, Hucknall.

My husband and I went into Hucknall for a night out on Saturday, June 2, with my daughter and her partner. We had a really good night in Hucknall, ending the evening at the Red Lion.

As we were leaving to go home, my husband became extremely ill – not drink related. The doorman Craig came over immediately to see if we were okay and on seeing my husband he took charge and making sure that he didn’t bang his head when he fell over and alerting the police on duty to call an ambulance quickly.

He made sure we were all looked after and okay, offering us cold drinks and making sure my husband was being seen to.

Even after I left in the ambulance with my husband, he took my daughter back into the pub and called her a taxi and let her wait in the pub until it came.

All the staff at the Red Lion were amazing and helpful. Craig was truly outstanding. Claire the land lady has done an amazing job and she has an amazing team to help her. I really believe they helped save my husband’s life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Julie Rodgers

By email