LETTER: School Uniform - attitude is all wrong

If 'branded' uniform is so important, are the staff going to be made to wear it as well, instead of looking like a rag-tag army?

After all – lead by example. Of course, the staff uniform would have to be obtained from a “branded outlet”. Any shop on Savile Row will do – because that is the type of expenditure these branded clothes will represent to some of the parents.

If the school thinks two suppliers are going to provide competitive prices they obviously live in cloud cuckoo land.

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To provide a compromise so all the trousers are the same, how about stating the trousers have to be purchased from one of the cheap outlets such as Tesco/ Morrisons/ Asda?

The emblem on the trousers is totally irrelevant.

If that is not acceptable, how about the school subsidising the trousers for the poorer families and those with more than one child at the school?

If a £10 a pair subsidy by the school is not acceptable, then it’s obviously not that important. I was a school governor and chair of governors for quite a few years.

I feel the governors of this school obviously don’t appreciate the living conditions and hardships these children and their parents have to contend with every day.

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The original idea of school uniform in this country was to prevent children from poorer families being targets of bullies etc, because they could not afford the latest fashion and designer clothes.

This is exactly where this latest “decree” is heading. Pay up or go somewhere else.

This is a Church of England school.

I believe the governors obviously haven’t read the Bible.

Kevin Allsop

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