LETTER: Time to deal with terrorists effectively

We will never deal effectively with convicted terrorists until we as a society provide an adequate deterrent.

When the killers of Drummer Lee Rigby enjoy a ‘soft cell environment’ and place claims on the authorities for injuries sustained whilst in confinement then we stand no chance whatsoever of removing this evil from our land.

There are many small islands off the coast of the UK. Why not build prisons on these remote rocks and make the main building a workplace to produce shirts, underwear and the like to keep the prisoners occupied? Security would be easily managed by the remote conditions.

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Also the convicted terrorist must forfeit benefits that the Human Rights Act bestows on law-abiding citizens.

Politicians will tell us this is impracticable and costly. However the ‘common man’ will see common sense in the removal of people who have harmed our children, much loved relatives and property.

The above will only go a little way in giving the answer but at least it would be a positive start.

Alan Armstrong

By email

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