Man punched woman in the face but denied biting her during relationship row

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Scales of Justice
A Kirkby man admitted punching a woman but denied biting her during a row over their relationship.

A court heard James Anthony Wright, of David Street attacked the woman in her bedroom and hit her in the face causing her nose to bleed and cutting her lip.

But as he pleaded guilty to the offence of assault by beating at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, Wright vehemently denied allegations that he had bit her ear in the assault on September 14.

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Wright, 22 who appeared in custody also admitted to using threatening and abusive behaviour towards a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) on August 18.

The court heard Wright had been in a relationship with the complainant for six years and they had been separated at the time of the incident.

Magistrates were told when Wright went into the woman’s bedroom he began shouting at her and she had put her arms up fearing she would be assaulted.

After wright hit her face the woman told police she had curled up on her bed and asked him to leave, but as she tried to get up, she said he had held her arms and bit the top of her right ear.

She said the defendant then apologised and left.

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When police interviewed Wright he told them she had attacked him first.

Defending, Deborah Bell said Wright, a father of two claimed the pair were still in a relationship.

She said: “He had been told she had been cheating on him and had taken another man to her house.”

He said they had argued in the bedroom and she had admitted having another relationship.

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He said she had punched him on the chest and he had reacted by punching her in the face once.

Magistrates were told Wright had been seen kicking a police vehicle by a PCSO on Spruce Grove, Kirkby on August 18 at 8pm.

When the officer went to see what he was doing he left.

But the officer again saw Wright stepping on top of the vehicle. He had insulted the PCSO and when the police were called to arrest him, he told them he had ‘done it for a laugh’. The case was adjourned for a Newton Hearing on November 4 and Wright was given conditional bail.

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