Meale hits back at Letts’ ‘lazy politician’ claim

Mansfield MP Sir Alan Meale has hit back at a national newspaper over claims that he is one of the laziest politicians in the country.

In an article written in the Daily Mail newspaper, journalist Quentin Letts accuses Sir Alan, along with more than 20 other members, of not pulling his weight, stating that residents ‘might be entitled to ask for a look at their MPs’ work-sheets, at least as far as the House itself goes’.

The piece follows the Parliamentary de-selection of Conservative politicians Anne McIntosh and Tim Yeo, and also questioned former Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s Parliamentary work ethic.

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Sir Alan told Chad: “Quentin Letts may be accusing me of laziness but I work a lot harder than he does. He is paid to attack Labour MPs and if I were him I would just stick to writing theatre reviews.

“I’m pleased he thinks that of me because I don’t like him either. He deals in vitriol and he gives the press a very bad name.”

Sir Alan told Chad that during his time in Parliament he has dealt with a total of 87,500 cases on behalf of constituents and works seven days per week to keep on top of his workload.

He added that his work as Mansfield MP is validated by the length of his parliamentary career and the fact that his majority has grown from just 57 in 1987.

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Last year Sir Alan, who was re-selected in the summer, dismissed as ‘b******s’ (rubbish) Chad’s efforts to contact him for comment on his latest parliamentary expenses claim of £162,547 to the year ending April 2013.

Mr Letts politely declined to comment when contacted by Chad.