Meden School changes met with criticism

Readers have criticised changes to opening times and holidays at Meden School after the Chad published an interview with the school’s headteacher.

Dave hooker told the Chad why he had taken the difficult decision that Pupils should start at 8.30am and finish at 3.30pm, with a 2pm finish on Fridays from September.

He also explained plans for taking the Easter break a week earlier than most other schools in the county and finishing a week earlier at Christmas, taking five days extra.

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The headteacher revealed there had been some concerns for younger children who relied on their siblings to get to primary schools.

But he pointed out the change would mean 40 hours’ extra tuition per year and other schools in the Chad area with a shorter working week were in special measures.

More than 20 people commented on the Chad story on Facebook. Below are some of the views expressed.

Hayley Warren said: “So teaching children for longer hours means better Ofsted results? How does that improve the quality of teaching? The overworked teachers will have more planning and marking to do as well as the teaching.

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“And looking at their most recent inspection, which was a good inspection, the improvements suggested are to improve the quality of teaching, close the gap between pupil premium children and non-pupil premium children, and also to improve mathematics.

“Surely instead of extending teaching hours, (they should implement) intervention strategies and wiser spending of the pupil premium, improved quality of teacher training and look at mathematics intervention.”

Kimberley Carter said: “I think it’s all a joke. 2pm on a Friday! And if you have kids in a different school they won’t be off at the same time at Christmas and Easter.

“I work and this has just made it a lot harder!

But Lisa Weldon said: “It would be nice if teachers or teaching assistants got a break.

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“But we don’t get a morning break or an afternoon break. We get ten minutes after dinner if we are lucky. Most of the dinner breaks we work through!”

On a lighter note, Laura Hardwick said: “At least if your holidays are before everyone else’s, you would get cheaper deals on going abroad.”

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