MP for Sherwood is fighting for better health services in Hucknall

Sherwood MP Mark SpencerSherwood MP Mark Spencer
Sherwood MP Mark Spencer
The Sherwood MP has met with Hucknall GPs to talk about the lack of health services.

With Hucknall and the wider Ashfield area suffering from high morbidity rates and an ageing population, and with areas of the town amongst the most deprived in the County, there is a great deal of concern amongst local people about whether the current GP services can cope.

MP Mark Spencer says that the body responsible for allocating the funding is not helping.

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He said “I’ve been working on this issue for a long time and I’ve been pushing the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) for this area, who are responsible for providing these services, for solutions. I think we’re running out of time now until thousands more residents move in and we simply have to see an increase in services before that happens.

“Some local GPs would love to expand given the opportunity but they need support from the CCG, and they aren’t getting it.

“It’s been suggested to me that out of the whole North Notts area Hucknall gets the worst deal in terms of funding per patient, which is completely crazy when you consider the health issues and deprivation in the area.

“I’ve contacted them to find out if that’s the case and I’ll be fighting for more cash locally to help local residents.”

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The Council’s Local Plan draft shows that this District will take approximately 480 additional homes a year for the next 15 years and while recognising the need for housing, Mr Spencer said it’s important that the facilities are made available to support it.

He added: “We need housing nationally, I recognise that, but that housing needs facilities to support it. To me this is the single biggest problem facing Hucknall right now and I’m doing everything I can to help get the improvements we need.”