Mum smuggled tobacco into HMP Ranby in her bra

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A mum-of-two who smuggled tobbacco in her bra into HMP Ranby thought she was helping the father of her children pay off a debt, a court heard.

CCTV operators spotted Kelly Fisher pass a package to her partner in the visiting room on December 3, last year, and two 30g packets of Amber Leaf tobbaco were recovered.

Prosecutor Emma Heath-Tilford said: “Prisons are having a massive issue with smuggled items getting into the prison economy where they are used as currency.”

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Chris Perry, mitigating, said: “She has a great deal of regret for her actions.”

He said the father of her two children, aged five and seven, had been sent to custody, and she believed he was “having a tough time of it.”

“She genuinely believed her partner’s safety was at risk if she didn’t comply with the obligation,” he said.

“It was intended to ensure his safety. She was conflicted.”

But she subsequently learned her partner was not in debt, the court heard.

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“It has made a fool of her,” said Mr Perry. “She has left him because if he is capable of getting into this position, clearly he has got no concern for her.

“He put her in an invidious position. He emotionally put pressure on her.

“She has learned the calibre of the person she was with and has taken decisive action.”

Kelly Fisher, 40, of Standhill Crescent, New Lodge, Barnsley, admitted conveying a prohibited article into a prison, when she appeared at Mansfield Magistrates Court, on Wednesday.

She was fined £120, and ordered to pay costs of £85 and a £30 government surcharge.

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