No grammar schools in Nottinghamshire, say councillors

Girl taken to hospital after fallGirl taken to hospital after fall
Girl taken to hospital after fall
A motion is being debated this afternoon by Nottinghamshire County Council against the introduction of grammar schools in the county.

The decision by PM Theresa May to resuscitate the idea of grammar schools has met with opposition from some Nottinghamshire councillors.

A meeting of the full council held today has been debating the motion put forward by councillors Kate Foale and Ken Rigby.

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The motion states: “Nottinghamshire County Council is against the introduction of Grammar Schools as it would entrench privilege and there is no evidence that they increase social mobility.

“The introduction of Grammar Schools would introduce divisive selection. We need an inclusive, strategically planned school system that enables every child to thrive, learn and prosper.

“Nottinghamshire County Council needs to be able to play a full part in providing good schools where and when they are needed in Nottinghamshire.”

This Council will write to the Secretary of State for Education and the Prime Minister urging them not to introduce Grammar Schools in Nottinghamshire.”