NOTTS: Crime Commisioner says county’s sex abuse victims ‘haven’t been listened to enough’

Nottinghamshire victims of historical child sex abuse “haven’t been listened to enough”, according to the county’s police and crime commissioner, Paddy Tipping
Paddy TippingPaddy Tipping
Paddy Tipping

His comments come after a former senior social worker said police failed to properly investigate allegations of sexual abuse in the county’s children’s homes.

According to a BBC Radio 4 report,she says that many of the claims were not taken serious because of they were from poorer parts of the county.

The former social worker - who wished to remain anonymous - said she made three complaints as recently as the early 2000s after children disclosed sexual abuse to her.

“The difficulty that we had was that the residential staff would deny it. They would provide alibis for each other,” she said.

“The children or the young people: Where were they going to go? Even if we moved them... the staff moved around.”

Nottinghamshire police are currently involved in a major investigation into allegations of historical child sex abuse at care homes across the county.

More than 100 victims have stepped forward to say they were abused in care homes dating back to the 1960s, including former Forest Town resident Mickey Summers, who feels he is not being listened to by the police and Nottinghamshire County Council and Nottingham City Council.