Notts: Deputy leader of Nottingham City Council says Government claims to help elderly sector have been undermined

Government claims to help the elderly care sector have been undermined by the local council grant settlement, according to the Deputy Leader of Nottingham City Council.
Caring for the elderly and disabledCaring for the elderly and disabled
Caring for the elderly and disabled

Councils with Adult Care responsibilities are being urged by the Government to make up some of the loss by putting the burden on the council tax payer through the Chancellor’s ‘Social Care precept’ and to increase the council tax by up to a further two per cent. However this leaves Nottingham’s care budget short by £3 million.

Further analysis of the figures shows that Nottingham’s Care Grant from the Government is effectively £611,000 less.

Finally, councils, including Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, which are responsible for adult care have received greater cuts than most district councils which do not have responsibility.

Meanwhile, care for the vulnerable elderly, disabled and people with mental health problems, will suffer, with longer waiting times for assessment, poorer conditions, and less care time given to them.

Coun Graham Chapman said: “People in this city should be angry, first at the way this vulnerable group are being treated in what is supposed to be a civilised society and second, at the dishonesty of the Government which is pretending to be increasing support when it is doing the opposite.”