Notts: Notorious drugs gang boss set to have assets seized through the courts

A gang boss who ran a regional drugs empire is set to have his ill-gotten gains seized through the courts.
James David FlindersJames David Flinders
James David Flinders

James Flinders, aged 50, was jailed in 2012 for 23 years for controlling a lucrative drug dealing operation across South Yorks and North Notts.

Flinders, who owns 10 homes located throughout the region, now faces a two-day Proceeds of Crime hearing at Sheffield Crown Court in June.

He was jailed following a 10-month surveillance operation by police in which gang members were caught discussing drug deals worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Flinders was found guilty of conspiracy to supply cocaine, amphetamine and cannabis, perverting the course of justice, and converting criminal property in 2012, with several other gang members also convicted.

The trial heard he had also laundered cash by spending large amounts renovating his luxury property, named The Lodge on Lodge Lane, in the village of Dinnington - where even the dog kennel was centrally heated.

At a preliminary hearing, Gulam Ahmed, representing Flinders, said his client disputed the prosecution’s case that he purchased 10 properties with drugs money.

He said: “There are mortgage applications with every single property showing where the money was coming from and how he was going to pay it.”

Mr Ahmed made applications for several items of prosecution trial evidence to be disclosed to his client prior to the June hearing.

He said Flinders wanted more details on the recordings made of him by police and said his client believes there had been ‘some tampering’ with the taped evidence used to convict him.

Judge Robert Moore rejected the allegations.

“They were never made at trial and they are not relevant to these proceedings,” he said.

The judge said that the application for disclosures included ‘fishing for details that the defendant is not entitled to’, such as information about the bugging devices used.

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