Notts police officer to face allegation of '˜racially motivated excessive force' at gross misconduct hearing

A Nottinghamshire police officer is to face a gross misconduct hearing over allegations he used '˜excessive force' which was '˜racially motivated' towards a member of the public.

The public hearing will take place at 10am on Monday (April 24) at Nottingham Police headquarters, Sherwood Lodge, Arnold.

The notice on the Nottinghamshire Police website states: “The officer will answer allegations of gross misconduct with regard to breaching the Standards of Professional Behaviour in respect of his dealings with a member of the public, without justification he used unnecessary and/or excessive and/or disproportionate force against him which is alleged to have been racially motivated.”

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Members of the public who wish to attend must register in advance before 12noon on Friday (April 21) by calling 101 800 2562 during office hours. Alternatively, email the office at [email protected] leaving your name and contact telephone number.

All attendees will need to provide identification on the day of admittance to the misconduct hearing to allow verification of their identity. They will also have to sign to adhere to a number of conditions allowing them entry.

No recording or filming of the proceedings is allowed.

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