NOTTS: Vulnerable patients urged to get life-saving flu jabs

Nottinghamshire County Council is urging people in ‘at risk’ groups to make sure that they are protected against flu this winter.

Each year, people in certain groups including young children, pregnant women, anyone aged over 65 and people with certain long-term conditions are offered a free seasonal flu vaccination which can protect them against flu, and the potentially serious consequences it can have for them.

Councillor Joyce Bonjak, chair of the Nottinghamshire Health and Wellbeing Board said: “Flu is unpleasant for anyone, but for certain people, it can be much more dangerous or even fatal. That’s why those people that are entitled to a free jab should get themselves protected as early in the flu season as possible by making an appointment with their GP.

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“You should also remember that if you fall into an at risk group you need to have the flu jab every year as the vaccine evolves each year to protect against different strains that are expected to be most common.”

Some people who can get a free flu vaccination:

Those aged 65 and over

Those with certain long-term health conditions

Pregnant women

All 2,3 and 4 year olds

School-aged children in pilot areas

Those in long-stay residential care homes


This year the provision of flu vaccinations to children has been extended to include four year olds for the first time, in most instances children aged two to four will be through a quick, effective and painless nasal spray.

If you’re not sure if you are entitled to a free flu vaccination, talk to your GP for more information.