Oak Tree Primary School take part in tree planning and litter pick

Year 5 pupils at Oak Tree Primary School have taken part in a tree planting event and litter pick.

All 34 children worked in small teams to plant their own tree and are going to look after them, making sure they become quickly established and mature into healthy trees. The funding for the trees was secured from the Greenwood Partnership and the school.

All the children also had the opportunity to work with Jess Kemp, a neighbourhood at Mansfield District Council, picking up litter around the school site.

They collected lots of litter – some of which was thrown onto the school grounds by members of the public.

Jess also gave a talk to the children about litter and the impact it has on wildlife and the environment.

This is the third time the school has run a tree planting and litter pick event, with the latest scheme lined to the International Clean up Mansfield initiative, which is taking place at the beginning of April.

Sarah Moore, headteacher, said: “We are so pleased to have the support of the Greenwood Partnership who gave us a grant to buy trees. Planting trees that will bear fruit will help the children understand about caring for trees and our environment, as well as healthy living.”