Keep this day holy

I write as a life time member of the Church of England and an active one at that to say how disappointed I am at much of the goings on now in our Church.

Christmas Day is one of the most holy of our festivals and yet over 16,000 independent stores opened for business! To make matters worse our leaders such as the Archbishops of York and Canterbury and the Bishop of London failed to condemn this.

Only a handful of bishops spoke out. The Bishop of Norwich, the Right Rev’d Graham Jones felt that it won’t do our spiritual health any good at all and amongst others to condemn it were the Bishop of Chester who pointed out that even armies at one time did not carry on fighting on Christmas Day; the Bishop of Wakefield, the Bishop of Bradford and the Bishop of St Albans.

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It is interesting to note that even in Ireland the pubs do not open on Christmas Day!

I phoned up Christmas Morning to see if our family in Cork City were going to the pub after Mass and Karl was surprised for, as he pointed out, the pubs are all shut.

Granville V Stone,


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