LETTER: Bringing back memories

It was very interesting to see former Mansfielder David Hardwick on TV recently talking about his experiences working with Jimmy Savile.

His account of the time he spent with Savile gave a unique insight into what life was like in the swinging sixties.

It certainly brought back memories to me of when Dave set up that world-famous school kids union in the early sixties and he became the centre of media attention locally, nationally and internationally.

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For a time Dave was second only to Jimmy Clitheroe as the country’s best known scholar!

He was too young at the time to deal with all this attention and he went off the rails somewhat as he has since admitted in this newspaper and elsewhere.

There were nearly as many folk tales and tall stories about David Hardwick as there were about Robin Hood!

I am looking forward to reading his book when it comes out in December.it. It will be on my Christmas list that’s for sure!

John Heath


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