LETTER: We’ll ALL feel the impact of incinerator plans

I write with reference to the proposed incinerator at Bilsthorpe, Many of those who live outside the village assume an incinerator of this kind in the planned location will pose no problem except to those who live in Bilsthorpe.

After having studied weather conditions including wind direction in this area over the years, the situation appears to me to be quite the opposite of popular conjecture.

The wind direction prevails from the west/south west which would distribute an incinerator’s fall-out in this direction, spreading matter over a wide area including Ollerton, Farnsfield, Kirklington, Halam, Kersall, Caunton, Southwell and Newark.

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Why have these areas remained ignorant of the plan to build an experimental incinerator?

We should all have a look at wind direction on a map of the area; it is clearly not only the village of Bilsthorpe’s concern!

Mrs M. Nelson


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