There is no answer that suits everyone

Clipstone HeadstocksClipstone Headstocks
Clipstone Headstocks
I was very interested in the letter ‘We want them gone’ by P Jones last week.

Councillor Dabbs and Power were co-opted onto the council and not elected by parishioners due to the council have vacancies after the resignation of previous councillors. I am sure the council would be interested in hearing from all parishioners wishing to express their points of view and opinions about ways to improve their parish and community. That way the council would be able to promote the wishes of the community more effectively. I would encourage P Jones and all the individuals included in ‘We’ to attend the council meetings to address the full council with their concern.

A survey was conducted in 2003 and the overall outcome may have been that the people residing in the area at that time were happy for the headstocks to be demolished as they are an ‘eye sore’ in their present state.

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Over a decade later and the headstocks still remain on the sky line of Clipstone. I would like to state that the people living in the area may have moved away from the area, new people have come to the area; therefore the opinions that may have led to the original outcome ‘we want them gone’ may have changed. Also were people informed of the alternative uses that are now being offered? If people were asked what would they would like doing with the headstocks - for example, pulling down or revamping them? Or were the options more restrictive or explanatory?

The headstocks are here to stay for some time as it is a listed building. So, like it or not we have to explore the choices left. They can continue to be an eye sore or try to improve their appearance, make them serve a purpose for the community by bringing much need employment and some housing to the area and provide a new venture for the area that could potentially be successful. Look at it as ‘the glass is half full rather than half empty!’

Whatever the land and headstocks are used for it will bring additional traffic to the area unless it is left as a derelict site and building, in which case it is a hazard and waste of resources to monitor the area. Business brings lorries for deliveries; Housing brings families and transport they might have.

There is no perfect answer that will suit everybody in the parish. What are the options? Potentially lots of family houses which will bring more people to the area and some business premises? A new look for the headstocks so it is no longer an eye sore or risk, creating employment opportunities, facilities that will bring fun, tourism and revenue to the area, provide premises for new aspiring musicians in the vicinity, amongst a host of other benefits and some housing drawing more people to the area.

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The process is still in its infancy and therefore no decision has been made and the parishioners need to share their opinions with the full council. I am sure that should people attend the council meetings, the councillors (elected or not) would be happy to listen to their points of view.

Mr Pacey

Via email

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