Paddy Tipping becomes new chairman of Coal Forum

Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping has become the new chairman of the Coal Forum and will chair his first meeting with Energy Minister, Michael Fallon, on Monday (27th January).

The Coal Forum, composed of coal producers, importers and generators provides advice to the Government on coal policy.

Mr Tipping said: “I’ve got a long association with the coal industry both in Nottinghamshire and nationally.

“As a coalfield MP I was involved in the setting up of the coal forum and was delighted to be asked to renew my association with the industry.

“Although only one colliery, Thoresby, remains in Nottinghamshire, coal remains an important part of our energy mix. Today around 40 per cent of the electricity we use is generated by coal.

“In those terms it is more dominant that nuclear or renewables.

“The major challenges both in the UK and internationally is to burn coal more cleanly and reduce carbon emissions.

“Monday’s meeting with the minister focuses on how we can do that primarily through the introduction of carbon capture and storage.”

The Coal Forum meets three or four times a year.