Hucknall and Bulwell funeral directors can release the doves again

A lockdown of a different kind has come to an end for on East Midlands’ largest independent funeral directors.

Friday, 23rd April 2021, 1:12 pm

AW Lymn, which has branches in both Hucknall and Bulwell has finally been allowed to release doves into the Nottinghamshire skies again after a five-month lockdown of their own due to a nationwide outbreak of bird flu last December.

As one of a limited number of funeral directors to offer an in-house dove service, AW Lymn prides itself on its flock of 60 doves which are kept in the garden of Nigel Lymn Rose, the company chairman’s, family home.

However, the birds have been under strict ‘stay-in-the-dovecote' rules that were introduced for poultry and captive birds across Great Britain last December to limit the risk of avian influenza spreading to other birds and humans after an outbreak was declared.

AW Lymn is allowed to release doves at funeral again

But, on March 31 AW Lymn announced they were able to receive orders for their in-house dove service again after the success of the measurements meant no new significant cases were recorded.

Nigel said: “We are delighted our beloved feathered friends can take to the sky again after many months of lockdown.

"We are very fond of our doves which we have had for nearly 20 years now.

"They are kept in spacious aviaries with outdoor space in our gardens in Bestwood and Mansfield to ensure we can offer them the best care.

The doves have been in lockdown since December due to an outbreak of bird flu in the UK

"We made sure we were vigilant and followed the restrictions carefully to avoid causing the disease to spread, especially as we also have other poultry such as chickens and peacocks at home.”

The release of a white dove at a funeral or memorial service is designed to bring peace and comfort to the bereaved, as the symbolic spirit of their loved one ascend to the heavens.

Nigel added: “It is never easy to say goodbye to those we love, but in addition to flowers, a white dove release at a funeral or memorial can serve as a comforting and symbolic gesture that their spirit lives on after their passing.

"It is a popular service, so we are looking forward to watching the doves in action again.”

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