Hucknall man builds his own life-size Johnny 5 from Short Circuit

Some film fans can go to great lengths to show their appreciation for their love of the silver screen.

By John Smith
Monday, 23rd August 2021, 1:13 pm

But Hucknall man Ryan Howard has taken things to whole new level.

Ryan, 33, is such a fan of the 1986 sci-fi film Short Circuit, he’s gone and built himself a full-scale model replica of the movie’s robot star Johnny 5.

And he’ll be displaying him in public for the first time this Saturday (August 28) at the huge Em-Con 2021 event at Nottingham’s Motorpoint Arena.

Ryan Howard and his son with their full replica of Johnny 5

Ryan said: “It’s more than a model, it’s full-sized working replica with motors and everything and I can control it using my phone.

"I’ve always been mad on the film and I drove my family mad when I was kid growing up and watching it.

"And then I got into 3D printing so I thought I’d have a go at printing his head and then followed that with the arms and body and soon I’d pretty much made a replica of him out of plastic.

"But I thought that wasn’t really good enough an wasn’t going to cut it and I knew I needed to make him properly out of metal.

"So I went the whole shebang, bought all the equipment and I’ve made every piece myself out of metal.”

From start to finish, the project has taken Ryan around four years to complete, first making the plastic model and then the metal version.

And now he says he want people to it and enjoy it.

He continued: “Even when I was building him and he was standing in front of me for the first time and I was like ‘oh my god, it’s Johnny 5’.

“It brought the inner child out in me.”

And now he is looking forward to showing him off at Em-Con this weekend.

He said: “I hope people will like him as much as I do, although I’m a bit biased of course.”

And having completed Johnny 5, Ryan is now looking at starting a new project with another film favourite, Wall-E.

He said: “He does look a bit like Wall-E but I have to tell kids it’s not him.

"But my kids love Wall-E so I think I’ll make a Wall-E next.”

You can see more on the project on the Johnny 5 Replica Nottingham Facebook page here.

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