Plans for a new 800 housing development near Linby are well underway

An aerial shot of the siteAn aerial shot of the site
An aerial shot of the site
Housing developers have expressed significant interest in the Top Wighay Development, near Linby.

The county council – which is behind the development – says ten housing developers have expressed an interest in the site.

The county council has now whittled this down to five, with a winner expected to be chosen in the coming months.

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The council also says despite the coronavirus pandemic the scheme remains on schedule.

A planning application for 805 homes has been submitted to Gedling Borough Council, with a decision expected by September.

It is hoped 1,000 full-time jobs could be created at the development, with a £870 million boost to the local economy over 10 years.

Work by Balfour Beatty to construct two new junctions has now started at the site.

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In an update heard by Nottinghamshire County Council on Wednesday, July 15, the council said: “Despite recent development and construction industry setbacks because of the Covid 19, the Top Wighay Farm development has moved forward and considerable progress has been made in keeping to the delivery programme.

“Work started on site on May 26, and the schedule for completion of the work is still in line with the original timeframe set out, with the works to be delivered by March 2021.

“Currently there have been no delays caused because of Covid 19.

“An outline planning application for the development of the whole site for a mixed-use scheme predominantly 805 houses was submitted to Gedling Borough Council.

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“The expected date for approval of the application is September 2020.

“Although the impact of Covid 19 is providing some uncertainties regarding the borough council’s planning committee meetings.

“Following a positive response to the expression of interest stage of ten experienced developers, a sifting brief was sent to the ten in order to reduce the number of potential developers down to five.

“The next stage will be to continue with an invitation to tender.

“This stage of the development process is also on schedule and not adversely affected by Covid 19.”