Residents' furious backlash to Hucknall 3G football pitch plans

Residents in the area where a proposed new 3G football pitch will be sited have reacted angrily to the plans.

Wednesday, 2nd June 2021, 12:09 pm

The Dispatch reported last week on the plans which, if approved by Ashfield District Council will see a full-sized 3G football pitch built on recreation land off Papplewick Lane, plus a modular classroom building and goal-storage enclosure.

Behind the application is well known Hucknall man Jamie Brough who said the facility would be for the whole town and was something Hucknall needed.

He also made clear that any suggestion the new facility would be fenced off was untrue and that had been a simple error in the original plans.

The pitch would be built on the fields off Kenbrook Road. Photo: Google Earth

However, local residents in the area are vehemently opposed to the plans.

Many have registered objections to the proposal on the council’s planning pages.

And many also commented on the story on the Dispatch’s Facebook page.

Among the major concerns were the increased traffic, noise and light pollution, the loss of recreational space and the fact many people simply didn’t believe the notion that it was for the town and was merely another commercial project.

Steve Smith put: “This is for the town of Hucknall? No, it’s for people from all over Ashfield, Bulwell and Notts who like sport.

"The local community who live here will suffer from the total loss of a shared amenity, increased traffic, increased noise at night, idiotic parking, and all round loss of green space.

"The current situation is fine, there are already several perfectly usable football pitches on the site, we don't need an all-weather/all day/all night floodlit pitch that we won't even be allowed to use.

The people who want it don't have to live near it.

"It already has football pitches on it, we don't want a floodlit pitch that is being rented out for commercial gain.”

Lisa Taylor wrote: “We like our open spaces the way they are! We don't want the 3G pitch here.”

Steph Bromley said: “Shall we also add in about the complete lack of parking the car park would even touch the sides if they ever open it?”

And Zoe Goodwin posted: “Many residents use this space for many recreational activities, which will heartbreaking to lose.

"My house overlooks the field and we have children’s bedrooms at the front that will be completely disturbed by the noise and the light that a late night floodlit pitch will cause.

"The playing fields were always intended for recreational by the general public – this proposal changes that.”

On the planning application itself on the council’s website, Paula Law wrote: “This area should remain a community area and not a commercial property with no access for residents.”

Jessica Slater said: “We brought our house two years ago for the views of the field and the closeness we have to it, making it easy for us to walk, run, play just relax or anything.

"We have a young child who we love taking over to the field for a run around and we feel safe walking there and being able to explore around.

"With these new plans in place we wouldn't be able to freely use the field.”

And Paul Duncalf wrote: “This is an area used by the whole community, not just footballers, it should be open for everyone.”