Theme park suspends ride in solidarity for all caterpillars not called Colin

While the fallout from the collapse of football’s European Super League may have hogged the headlines for the last few days, the other big issue of the moment is still very much in the public eye – caterpillar cakes.

Friday, 23rd April 2021, 2:38 pm
The Crazy Caterpillar ride at Fantasy Island has been suspended to avoid any Colin and Cuthbert confusion

And the Mellors family from Bulwell who own the popular Fantasy Island theme park at Ingoldmels near Skegness, have now entered the debate and nailed their colours firmly to Cuthbert’s mast.

The caterpillar cake row has stemmed from Marks & Spencer saying it was taking legal action against German supermarket chain Aldi arguing that its Cuthbert the Caterpillar cake infringes its Colin the Caterpillar trademark.

The story has caused huge interest on social media with M&S saying it would sue Aldi and then asking it to create a different character that wasn’t similar to it’s Colin the Caterpillar cake, while Aldi put out a social media post asking if Cuthbert and Colin could be ‘besties’?

And Fantasy Island has joined in the fun with an amusing Facebook post announced it has suspended it’s Crazy Caterpillar ride.

The post said: “As the fight continues with leading retailers M&S and Aldi over its caterpillar cakes, the team at Fantasy Island has decided to show solidarity for all caterpillars out there who aren’t officially a Colin.

“The popular Crazy Caterpillar ride at the theme park has been suspended till further notice to ensure it is not mistaken for a Colin.”

The tongue-in-cheek post joins the dozens of other memes which have been popping up on social media since the spat over the weekend when Aldi mocked Marks and Spencer for launching the legal battle.