These are Spotify's most loved Christmas song - revealed by new streaming data

Wham!’s 1986 hit Last Christmas is the highest-earning and most streamed Christmas song that has been released in the past 50 years according to new data.

The research, conducted by CSGO gambling site CSGOLuck, analysed Christmas songs released within the past 50 years to determine the most streamed songs on Spotify and each song's estimated earnings.

The research also looked at the ‘playlist reach’ for each song, which examines how many user-created Spotify playlists include the song.

A spokesperson for CSGOLuck said: “Christmas music provides a sense of nostalgia, tradition and memories, becoming a fundamental part of the holiday season.”

Social media once again has revealed its power, as you would expect more classic Christmas songs to rank within the top ten.

“Most of the songs in the ranking have been, to some extent, trending on TikTok or Instagram, resulting in a surge of streams.

“Despite that, seeing an even blend of modern-day and classic songs on everyone's holiday playlist is great this year.”