Watnall ferret rescuer on hunt for bigger base as demand grows

A young woman who rescues and cares for ferrets at her home in Watnall is looking to expand to keep up with growing demand for her services.

Thursday, 27th May 2021, 12:26 pm
Jaymie Walters, 24, with some of her rescued ferrets in Watnall.

Jaymie Walters established Marley’s Ferret Rescue and Rehoming after she began taking in abandoned pets and strays in late December last year.

The 24-year-old currently has around 20 ferrets living at her Watnall home and is dedicated to helping all furry friends in need.

She said: “The rescue is named after our first ferret Marley. My mum brought him home when I was 17 and I absolutely hated him at first.

"But then she left me alone with him for two weeks while she went on holiday and in that time we became best friends and it was him who really sparked my love for the species.

"Marley later sadly died of insulinoma and it was from that point the decision was made to take on more ferrets and help those who need more help than others.”

Before setting up her own rescue, Jaymie was previously fostering for local charity Brinsley Animal Rescue.

She said: “They don’t take on ferrets so I was their go-to person to take in the waifs and strays. I ended up getting so many requests from them I decided to go ahead and branch out on my own.

“Since just after Christmas, we’ve taken in and rehomed more than 50 ferrets.”

Jaymie attempts to rehabilitate and rehome the ferrets where possible.

“We aim to find loving homes for the ferrets that come into our care,” she said.

“However in the event a ferret cannot be rehomed, they will have a home with us for life.”

The animal biology student is now looking to expand the rescue and is on the hunt for a bigger premises.

“Everyday we’re getting a request to take in another ferret. It’s breeding season so there are a lot of strays. Obviously we can’t take them all so we need to expand now,” she said.

"Ideally we need somewhere that has a shelter already, like a barn or an outhouse building or a field with a shelter on it. It will need to have running water and be somewhere we can install electrics in.

"We just need it big enough to be able to put at least two big sheds on and then have our hutches around it as well.

“It’s just me running things at the minute, and sometimes my little brother helps out, but when I expand I’ll be looking to get volunteers in to help.”

The rescue relies solely on donations and is set to fully register as a charity later this year.

If you know of anywhere suitable in the area to help with the expansion or wish to make a donation, visit the rescue’s website here or go to the Marley’s Ferret Rescue and Rehoming page on Facebook.