You're not from Hucknall unless you've....

Your Dispatch posted a simple line on our Facebook page that simply said ‘you’re not really from Hucknall unless you have...’ – and asked you to finish the sentence.

Thursday, 1st July 2021, 4:23 pm

And you responded in your droves, clearly highlighting that there is a great deal indeed that makes Hucknall folk unique.

Here are a just a few of the many things you said made you a true Hucknallite.

Joanne Johnson said: “Been to Ford's to buy all your new pencils and rubbers for back to school in September.”

You can't say you're from Hucknall unless you've been sledging down Misk Hills

Emma Morton wrote: “Fell down the stairs at The Byron.”

Andrew Clarke posted: “Bounced on the dance floor upstairs in the Byron on a Friday night.”

April Stockell posted: “Watched the air display at Hucknall aerodrome.”

Martin Hutton commented: “Gone sledging down Misk Hills.”

Shirley Gray put: “Heard men call other men duck.”

Amanda McPherson said: “Brought up playing on the ranges as a kid.”

Sue Henson wrote: “Fell in the brook on Brookside.”

Ian Palmer posted: Done the Chequers Plough Chequers run for last orders."

Tracey Grainger said: “Been to Hucknall Miners Welfare pit party.”

Kev Hill commented: “Used 'duck' as a term of endearment greeting or naming convention.”

Gillian Williamson put: “Got on that tractor & trailer on the market with your bucket and gone up misk potato picking as a kid.”

Karen Barrett said: “Reeked of chlorine from the old swimming baths.”

Nigel Paulson commented: “Dropped the ‘H’.”

Debs Jakens posted: “Know the difference between top and bottom pit, been on the market for Holgate v National, started your pub crawl from Mason down to Moon, going to every pub inbetween, visited the zoo at Blue Boar, played pitch and putt on ‘Titchy’ and danced on the bandstand, got your vests from Vedonis and know where the dog track used to be.”

Christine Clamp said: “Brought shoes from Stallards, had light bulbs tested whilst you wait from Woollies, shopped for toys in Bullocks, got vests, knickers and other stuff from Ford's, been to Wright's shoe shop on Watnall Road plus buying your stamps and getting your pension or family allowance from one of our, back then, at least seven post offices.”

Sue Dawn wrote: “Spent happy evenings on the market in the 60s, Storm Club Welfare, later the Will Scarlet, leaving your job on a Friday getting a new one on the Monday, mix and gravy in the market on a Friday lunch time and buying an outfit for the weekend.”

Mary Good said: “Been to a Christmas party at Rolls Royce and watched Santa arrive in a plane.”

Sam Northridge commented: “Stumbled out of the upstairs of Romans then down to USA fried Chicken for a kebab.”

Kath Williams put: “Spent all your school summer holidays playing in Titchfield Park going to the Byron cinema or the old Hucknall swimming baths.”

Diane Wigginton said: “Been to bottom pit canteen for little glass bottle of milk & a bar 6 when dad fetched his wages."

Susan O'Hara posted: “Bought records LP's or singles from Frank Sissons, got your wet fish from Hedley Wrights, gone to Saturday matinée at the Byron or played on Titchfield Park.”