Plans to upgrade Huthwaite accident blackspot

Plans are in place to upgrade the road surface and signage at a notorious accident blackspot in Huthwaite.

Two men were hospitalised after their car left the road at Chesterfield Road and went off a bridge plunging through trees down an embankment last Saturday.

It is the fourth crash there in recent months.

Concerned residents say it is just a matter of time before there is a fatal accident.

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David Holmes, of Clegg Hill Drive Huthwaite has called for better road signs to warn drivers of the dangers.

He said: “This is the third crash there in four weeks all attended by emergency services and requiring road closure, not to mention the unreported incidents. I saw one on the 29th of May where someone was rescued by a tow truck.

“In my opinion this is due to poor location of 30mph signs which at the moment are hidden by overhanging trees.

Walkers and cyclists on the footpath are in danger as well. I hope the council can put a stop to this situation before the inevitable happens.”

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Builder Steven Muzsla, 43 who is working on a house on a blind corner close to the scene added: “Drivers are putting their foot down to get to 60 mph on a bad bend. I think they should reduce the limit.

“The accidents usually happen in wet weather when the surface is greasy. One car bounced on one side of the bridge and ended up on the drive here.”

Nottinghamshire County Council highways spokesman Gareth Coles said: “We are aware of problems in this area and there is a scheme planned to upgrade the road surface and signage in the area.

“The scheme is due to go before the next transport and highways committee for approval. If it gets the go-ahead, will be implemented within the current financial year.”