PM not entirely to blame for Brexit ‘shambles’

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Is Theresa May responsible for the shambles that is Brexit? Not all of it.

There is no getting away from the fact that the “honourable ladies and gentlemen” have to accept a large part of the blame.

All parties have been playing games for weeks now, debate after debate, a meaningful vote is a joke, and in my view the Speaker is doing his best to sabotage Brexit, along with some of the Labour MPs. The sad thing is, it is allowed to happen.

As well as our own parliament playing Guy Fawkes, we have a queue of old men putting the boot in, one who was PM when the government had to devalue the pound.

Next, there is a man who gave back to the EU a chunk of money that Margaret Thatcher had previously won from the EU for Britain.

If all of our MPs had stood shoulder to shoulder after the referendum, we would be leaving the EU with a great deal.

Yes, our Parliamentarians have all got to hang their heads in shame, but their cards have been marked. We Brexiteers have taken note.

M Humphries

By email

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