Ashfield Independents table motion to scrap 'super council' plans for Nottinghamshire

The Ashfield Independents group on Nottinghamshire County Council is wasting no time in trying to secure the future of Ashfield District Council and the county’s six other borough and district councils.

Tuesday, 18th May 2021, 5:09 pm
Updated Thursday, 20th May 2021, 9:31 am

On Thursday, May 27, at the first full council meeting of the new administration, the Ashfield Independents have tabled a motion calling for a guarantee that Nottinghamshire County Council has no intention of becoming a huge ‘super council’

The debate has dominated local politics over the previous four years and has been hugely controversial with opponents to the idea claiming that decisions are best made as close to the communities they impact.

The Ashfield Independents even embarked on a five-hour walk from the Ashfield District Council officers at 4am to West Bridgford in 2018 to illustrate the remoteness of West Bridgford.

Hucknall councillors Lee Waters (left) and David Shaw show their opposition to the 'super council' plans

Now, they have submitted a motion to the county council aimed at stopping the debate once and for all.

Coun Jason Zadrozny, Ashfield District Council leader and also leader of the Ashfield Independents at the county council, said, “As we recover from Covid – it’s critical that we concentrate on recovery and not get bogged down in a local government reorganisation that nobody asked for.

“During the pandemic, councils like Ashfield and Broxtowe worked hand in hand with the county council and other key partners like the NHS.

"People value local services, delivered by local people.

The Ashfield Independents want the idea of a super council scrapped

"The bigger a council, the less local and effective it becomes.

"I am pleased that new county council leader Ben Bradley seems to be distancing himself from scrapping borough and district councils.

"We are calling for the Conservatives at County Hall to make it official – this is their chance to do it.”

Coun Lee Waters, the new county councillor for Hucknall South is seconding the motion.

He said, “One of the biggest worries for local people in Hucknall was the idea that they would be swallowed up by Labour-run Nottingham City Council.

"The reality is that residents in Hucknall don’t want their council tax being used to pay off Nottingham City’s £1 billion debt.

"Our motion will end all speculation once and for all.”