Bulwell: City council to bid for £20m of levelling up money for the town

Nottingham City Council has bid for £20 million of Government Levelling Up Fund cash to transform Bulwell town centre.

The Bulwell bid is one slice of an overall £57 million bid to that it is hoped will also bring about massive changes to the city’s Broad Marsh area and the Island Quarter.

Bulwell town centre sits in the tenth most deprived constituency in England and is in need of investment which will boost pride in the area, improve key amenities and links to transport services.

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An artist's impression of how the new-look Bulwell town centre would look with the levelling up investment

The Bulwell bid would see:

The creation of a new Bulwell Promenade through substantial enhancements of green space and public realm alongside the River Leen

Improvements to the market place and urban greening

The restoration of heritage buildings

Bulwell town centre could be transformed by £20 million of levelling up money

Easier access for all and better connectivity between Bulwell Bogs, the tram stop, the bus station, the market place and main shopping areas.

Coun David Mellen (Lab), city council leader said: “Bulwell town centre has great potential which deserves to be realised and our bid will enhance some of the key elements that make the town special.

"The market and the riverside area will be given the love and attention they need, along with the sort of shopfront rejuvenation which has made such a difference in parts of the city centre and thoughtful public realm improvements including a Bulwell Promenade.

“The Island Quarter is a key site next to the city centre for which ambitious plans are already underway but support from the Levelling Up Fund would help enhance further creating opportunities and improving access for local communities.

“These bids are the absolute essence of what Levelling Up should be all about, so we are hopeful of success.”

Alex Norris (Lab), Bulwell MP, added: “Bulwell is a fantastic community with a thriving market, but the growth of online shopping combined with the current cost of living crisis has hit the town centre hard.

"This ambitious bid gives us the opportunity to really boost the area and I’m proud to give it my support.”

Bulwell residents have also been commenting on the Bulwell Community Facebook page about what they would like to see the money spent on.

Gareth Handley said: “Men’s clothes shops, sports shop, youth club, dog park improve the parks in the area, there’s a start."

Janine Goodwin posted: “Somewhere for teenagers with special needs to go and enjoy themselves safely.”

Dave Bsashedmaster wrote: “Bring back the half-hourly train service from Woodhouse stopping at Newstead and Bulwell.”

And Shippers Lisa said: “Improved youth services, including things young adults like to do such as mechanics, sports, creative arts, lifelong learning opportunities such as adult education classes, training hub for adults wanting to re-skill, and yes, men's clothing shops, less vape/barbers/betting shops.

"And if there are more charity shops, they should have a cafe attached as part of a social enterprise, employing local NEETS, and including catering/customer service qualifications to ensure future employment opportunities.”