Council vows to clean up Hucknall town centre walkway

An angry Hucknall resident has called on Ashfield District Council to clean up a focal point of the town centre.

Thursday, 27th May 2021, 12:33 pm

And the council has responded by promising to tackle the problem.

Andy Coupe took to Facebook to generate awareness of the state of Central Walk, which links the High Street with Piggins Croft car park.

One of the main issues with the area has been the number of pigeons settling on the large canopy across with walkway and then covering the area with their droppings.

The council has said it will concentrate on cleaning up Central Walk in the town

But Mr Coupe also expressed his anger at the amount of litter from people’s takeaway food as well.

On the Hucknall People’s Community page, he posted: “Central Walk is disgusting and a disgrace, pigeon faeces, abandoned food, litter, paint stains and a pavement that could do with a jet wash.

"Is this what visitors to Hucknall want to be greeted to when parking in Piggins Croft?

I walk through this most days – if it’s not sorted, I call on councillors to resign as they are not fit to solve the problem that blights this town.”The post drew a number of responses on the Facebook page.

Gary Ashley wrote: “I agree totally and it needs action.”

Chris Arne put: “Should be called pigeons loft car park.”

Christein Jayes posted: “I skidded on some pigeon poo at the entrance to Central Walk, luckily l stayed upright.”

Angie Bradley posted: “The lads from the vape shop clean outside their shop so its nice for their customers entering the shop, but its NOT their responsibility it’s the council, the vape shop just do it off their own backs.”

However, others posted suggesting that, while nothing could be done to stop pigeons flying around, Hucknall folk themselves should take responsibility for issues like litter.

Elsie Nicholls wrote: “This is mostly down to people using this place like a dustbin. Not respecting the town they live in. The council must do their job.”

Amanda Bamford pointed out: “If anything does get done, it's still not gonna stop the pigeons.”

Leanne Smith agreed, posting: “They did try to sort it at one point they put all the spikes up on the lights and around the outsides and did jet wash it but the birds have come back and now sit behind the spikes in tiny gaps.”

And Marcela Tingle said: “Every good town needs to be bird-friendly and have a decent amount of bird poop.”

Coun Jim Blagden, who represents the Ashfield Independents in the Hucknall Central ward, said: “I’d like to thank the resident for bringing this to our attention.

"The council has agreed to spruce up Central Walk.

"We take great pride in the state of our streets, that’s why our council has new ‘get tough’ policy on anyone littering.

"We have issued hundreds of fines for littering over the past six weeks and I have requested our enforcement officers pay particular attention to Central Walk and the rest of Hucknall town centre.”

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