Councillors at loggerheads over what is Hucknall's worst road

Hucknall county councillors David Shaw, Lee Waters and John Wilmott are disagreeing over which road is the worst in the town for potholes.

Thursday, 3rd June 2021, 2:38 pm

The Ashfield Independents trio are in no doubt that many of the town’s roads are in a bad state.

The problem is, they can’t agree on which ones to prioritise as the worst and so they are now asking residents to help.

Coun Shaw claims the worst road is Castleton Close, Coun Waters believes it is Vine Terrace, while Coun Wilmott says it is Coronation Road.

Couns Lee Waters (left), John Willmott and David Shaw (right) have different views on which is Hucknall's worst road

Coun Shaw said, “During the election, the state of Hucknall’s broken roads and pavements was one of the major issues – indeed, people called the election the ‘pot-hole poll’.

“We have compiled a list of dozens of roads that need urgent attention and which ones to prioritise and that’s where are problems start.

"We simply cannot agree which is the worst road in Hucknall – there are so many.

"Castleton Close is in a disgraceful state of disrepair so that’s where my vote goes.”

However, Coun Waters said: “Four years of wasted money and time has led to Nottinghamshire being singled out as the worst place in the country for potholes.

"Whilst Castleton Close is disgraceful, I’d argue that Vine Terrace and others in my patch are worse still.

"Residents tell me about damage to their vehicles on our broken roads and about personal injury caused by our decaying highways.

"We need action now!”

Coun Wilmott added: “I’ve reported as many pavements as I have done roads.

"Elderly residents tell me that they can’t use some of our pavements due to their condition and parents with pushchairs tell me the same.

"We are fighting to sort out our highways once and for all. I’ve made my point to colleagues.

"However, the worst road by a mile in Hucknall is Coronation Road, although to be fair, I could have made the case for dozens more.

"This is something I am now working with the county council to resolve.”

If you would like to suggest what you think is the worst road in Hucknall , email [email protected] or use the hashtag #hucknallsworstroad on Twitter.

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