Hucknall councillor blasts 'irresponsible' e-scooter scheme trial extension

A Hucknall county councillor has slammed the decision to extend the e-scooter trial in Nottingham City.

Wednesday, 27th October 2021, 6:09 pm

Coun Dave Shaw (Ash Ind), who represents Hucknall West at County Hall, called the decision ‘irresponsible’ and the trial extension ‘inappropriate’.

Coun Shaw’s particular concern was the issues with e-scooters that have arisen in towns like Hucknall as a result of the trial have not, as he sees it, been properly addressed.

And he labelled e-scooters ‘a clear and present danger to the public’.

Coun Dave Shaw has criticised the decision to extend the e-scooter scheme

Nottingham’s trial of the yellow e-scooter rental scheme has been extended until November 2022.

But Coun Shaw claims than in Hucknall, confusion remains about the law regarding the use of e-scooters in general.

He added that problems persist with residents speeding in parks and open spaces like Nabbs Lane and Titchfield Park, as well as in the town and people being completely unaware that towns like Hucknall and West Bridgford aren’t part of the trial.

He said, “The city council has claimed they will issue fines for bad parking and are tackling illegal pavement riding in the city.

"At no point have they addressed the problems caused by the trial in places around their environs like Hucknall and its impact on resident’s safety.

"There have been so many near-misses with these scooters in our town.”

In August, e-scooters in Hucknall were described as a ‘menace’ and a ‘danger to the public’ by local Hucknall Ashfield Independent councillors.

The councillors claimed that the government trial in nearby Nottingham had ‘exacerbated’ the problem with many confused about the legality of using them in places like Hucknall.

The only e-scooters that can be used on public roads are those rented as part of government-backed trials.

These have a top speed of 15.5mph – but the most powerful privately-owned e-scooters can reach up to 68 mph.

Outside of the trial areas, residents can only use them on private land and not on public roads, cycle lanes or pavements.

This means it is illegal to use them on public places in towns like Hucknall.

Coun Shaw continued: “The nearby Nottingham City trial scheme has exacerbated the issue – yet it has been extended without any consultation.

"People are seeing these e-scooters being driven in Nottingham and purchased one for themselves.

"They are as dangerous as the off-road bikes that cause a significant problem in our parks and open spaces in Hucknall.

"I don’t think e-scooter users appreciate that they are illegal on roads in Hucknall.

"Months down the line, the problems continue in Hucknall and this has not been addressed – the confusion remains.

“There has also been reports of e-scooter users on Hucknall’s Titchfield Park.

"These have no speed restrictions like the ones used in Nottingham.

"I’m afraid that if we don’t have an urgent crackdown on the e-scooter menaces then we may see a serious accident or worse.

"They are a clear and present danger to the public.

"It’s not okay to use Hucknall’s streets, pavements and open spaces as a racetrack and it’s also illegal.”

Hucknall’s policing team has confirmed that it is aware of the issue and is working on it.

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